The Essential Preset Pack!

The OG. My essential Premiere Pro presets – the pack I couldn’t edit without. I’ve handpicked a selection of the 80 most useful and essential presets that I use on a daily basis. Watch the demonstration trailer here.

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The Essential Pack includes:

Over 80 presets, split into six sections:

1. Tools
2. Audio FX
3. Video FX
4. Transitions
5. Slides
6. Subtitles


With this pack, you’ll be able to throw your images, text and videos around with INSANE smoothness. These are the main tools I use, customised with all the best settings, and all in one convenient place. Whether you’re a beginner or intermediate editor, there’s something here that will help you on your YouTube journey – it definitely helped me on mine. Watch the demonstration trailer here.

I’ve also included two versions of the pack – one that works with older versions of Premiere Pro (2019+) and one that works with the latest version of Premiere Pro (2022/23), so that the Transitions pack works with newer versions. It should also be noted, the slides are for 1920x1080p projects. You can still use them on 4K projects, you will just have to adjust keyframes.

A note on all presets: Some of these presets require GPU acceleration. If your Premiere is a cracked version (especially lower than 2019), then they may not work entirely. As this is a digital product, returns are not accepted.

Thank you for supporting the channel by buying these presets!

How to install presets:

Installing your presets is super easy. Either watch this YouTube video or follow along with the below instructions:

– Download your presets from your confirmation email (they will be in a .zip file), and save them to a location convenient for you to access.
– Go to the location where you have saved the .zip file and double-click on the .zip.
– Once in the .zip file, you will see the terms of use and .PRFPSET file.
– Drag the .PRFPSET file out of the .zip folder into a new location. As long as it’s pulled out of the .zip file, this will unzip the preset.
– Open Premiere Pro and then head to the effects tab. If you can’t see the effects tab, click ‘Window’, then enable ‘Effects’.
– In the effects tab, right-click on the ‘presets’ section. You will see the option to ‘Import Presets’.
– Click ‘Import Presets’ and find the location where you unzipped your presets.
– Double click the .PRFPSET file and your import will be complete. You should now see your presets in the preset folder in Premiere Pro!