The Ultimate Subtitles Preset Pack!

Take your subtitles to the next level with The Ultimate Subtitles Pack! Make your videos pop – literally – with a preset pack that adds extra flavour to all your subtitles. These presets will make your subtitles slide, shake, bounce, fall, wiggle, and pop into place, adding the flair that every big YouTuber’s videos have, and saving you a lot of time in the process. Watch the demonstration trailer here.

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The Subtitles Pack includes:

Inside the pack, you will find six groups of subtitle presets, with every preset available in two positions: central and lower thirds. The groups are:

1. Classic (pop-in, stretch, rotation, more)
2. Slide (slide up, down, left, right, etc)
3. Bounce (down, left, right, smooth bounces, etc)
4. Gravity (fall down, fall splat, floating left + right, handmade skids)
5. Professional (cinematic reveal, fade-pop, fade-in slide, colour fade-ins more)
6. Misc. (censoring, goopy text, rainbow text, slide-up 3D spin)

Expertly crafted for gaming videos, these presets are a must for anyone wanting to take their videos to the next level! It should be noted that these presets are designed for 1920x1080p projects, but you can use them on 4K projects and TikTok/Reels. Watch the demonstration trailer here.

The subtitles pack is included in the Ultimate Bundle PLUS and the Plus Pack!

A note on all presets: Some of these presets require GPU acceleration. If your Premiere is a cracked version (especially lower than 2019), then they may not work entirely. As this is a digital product, returns are not accepted.

Thank you for supporting the channel by buying these presets!

How to install presets:

Installing your presets is super easy. Either watch this YouTube video or follow along with the below instructions:

– Download your presets from your confirmation email (they will be in a .zip file), and save them to a location convenient for you to access.
– Go to the location where you have saved the .zip file and double-click on the .zip.
– Once in the .zip file, you will see the terms of use and .PRFPSET file.
– Drag the .PRFPSET file out of the .zip folder into a new location. As long as it’s pulled out of the .zip file, this will unzip the preset.
– Open Premiere Pro and then head to the effects tab. If you can’t see the effects tab, click ‘Window’, then enable ‘Effects’.
– In the effects tab, right-click on the ‘presets’ section. You will see the option to ‘Import Presets’.
– Click ‘Import Presets’ and find the location where you unzipped your presets.
– Double click the .PRFPSET file and your import will be complete. You should now see your presets in the preset folder in Premiere Pro!