Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions...

– Who runs Storezar? And Who is Finzar?

Storezar, the shop for video editors and YouTubers, was started by Finzar and is run by Fin and his team. Fin has been an editor and YouTuber for years, having worked with the like of Adobe and NVIDIA, and runs a successful YouTube channel.

– Where can I follow Finzar on social meda?

You can follow Finzar on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitch. You can also join his Discord – come say hi!

– How can I support Finzar's journey?

Just by watching Finzar YouTube videos, you’re helping support the channel! But by buying presets, courses, and using our sponsored links, you’re helping finance Finzar and his team. You can also join our Patreon for exclusive content and access to our Discord Jobs’ board.

– I have a sponsorship opportunity for Finzar...

If you’re looking to sponsor a Finzar video, then get in contact with the team via email. The address is:

– Is Finzar really the best editor on YouTube?

Always has been.

Preset Questions...

– Can I use PayPal on Storezar? And what is FastSpring?

Yes, you can! You can use PayPal with our payment portal, FastSpring, and FastSpring will deliver your presets to you to download.

– How will my presets arrive?

Your assets will arrive via the email you have provided. You will be sent a unique download link that lasts for 48 hours. You must download your files within those 48 hours. If you do not recieve a link, make sure to check your spam folder.

– How long will it take for the link to arrive?

please give up to 24 hours for the link to arrive. A variety of factors can lead to the link being a little delayed, but you should recieve your link instantly or within an hour.

– My link hasn't arrived. Where is it?

After allowing for 24 hours, please check your spam folder as our email address is occassionally marked as junk.

– Will the presets work on my version of Premiere Pro?

If you’re running Premiere Pro 2019 onwards, then yes, the presets will work! If you’re running a version from before 2019 or one that is cracked, then you may not get the intended experience with these assets. These were made on licensed Premiere Pro & After Effects softwares 2022+.

– Can I share my files or resell them?

As per the terms and conditions, these preset packs are non-transferable and cannot be sold onward. If you do so, you may be liable to financial damages. Storezar is a small business run by a dedicated and hard-working team, and sharing our assets without permission damages what we are able to produce.

– How do I install the presets?

Installing your presets is super easy. Either watch the above video or follow along with the below instructions:

– Download your presets from your confirmation email (they will be in a .zip file), and save them to a location convenient for you to access.
– Go to the location where you have saved the .zip file and double click on the .zip.
– Once in the .zip file, you will see the terms of use and .PRFPSET file.
– Drag the .PRFPSET file out of the .zip folder into a new location. As long as it’s pulled out of the .zip file, this will unzip the preset. You can also unzip the file using an unzipper.
– Open Premiere Pro and then head to the effects tab. If you can’t see the effects tab, click ‘Window’, then enable ‘Effects’.
– In the effects tab, right click on the ‘presets’ section. You will see the option to ‘Import Presets’.
– Click ‘Import Presets’ and find the location where you unzipped your presets.
– Double click the .PRFPSET file and your import will be complete. You should now see your presets in the preset folder in Premiere Pro!

– My account no longer exists. Where are my files?

If you recently bought presets, they should be available via our login page.

If you bought presets before August 22nd, 2022, you will have used a different account system. Please email and provide your order number and the email associated with the purchase. We will manually send you your preset packs. Our team are very busy, so please give a couple of days for us to reply.

– Still have a question about presets?

Please email with any further questions. We will strive to answer emails as quickly as possible, but we are a small team and will take some time to reply. Thanks for your patience!

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